Forensic engineering

Road Accidents

 We have applied our specialist engineering knowledge to investigating thousands of road traffic accidents. Our on-site investigations can lead to determinations of speed, point of impact, pedestrian location, direction of travel and other critical factors relating to an accident. A detailed assessment of vehicle damage can be used to determine accident mechanics in accordance with industry best practice. We apply sound engineering expertise and our vast experience to advise and assist our clients in assessing liability between parties.

Accidents at Work

 Employers and employees have responsibilities under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and the Regulations made thereunder. Among the extensive responsibilities placed on employers, they must provide; an appropriate place of work, systems of work that are reasonably safe, adequate training and instruction, suitable equipment and appropriate personal protective equipment. Employees must ensure that they carry out their work in a reasonably safe manner in accordance with the instruction and training provided. We have extensive experience in reviewing and assessing accidents at work. We have industry specific knowledge across a wide range of sectors including; retail, construction, agriculture, healthcare and hospitality.

Slips and trips

 Slips and trips are among the most common accidents we assess and are the second highest cause of accidents in the workplace. Our specialist engineering knowledge is used to assess the suitability of footwear and surfaces for particular applications. We have specialized equipment for determining the slip resistance of floor surfaces, providing critical measurable information to assess these accidents.

Occupiers' Liability

 The Occupiers' Liability Act 1995 requires owners of premises to provide a reasonably safe place for visitors and trespassers. Owners must maintain premises in a reasonable safe condition and provide reasonably safe means of access and egress. The determination of what is “reasonable” is critical to assessing these accidents. Case law is a valuable tool and indicator as to the view of the courts to accidents which come under the Act. We have extensive experience in assessing such accidents and have a comprehensive suite of applicable case law.

Accidents in Public Places

 Accidents in public places controlled by local authorities are subject to specific assessment criteria, significantly different to those applied to accidents which come under the Occupiers Liability Act.  With our many years of practice we have developed a keen understanding of claims arising from these accidents.

Building disputes

 Building disputes can manifest over a myriad of issues. Construction is complicated with many intermingling trades involved. Many different materials and construction skills are combined to construct a building. The potential for significant design and construction errors are numerous. Cost overruns, substandard design/workmanship and inadequate materials are the primary reasons for disputes. The roles and responsibilities of architects, engineers, contractors, tradesmen and clients in the delivery of a building are critical considerations in assessing liability in such disputes. Poor quality work by tradesmen and inadequate supervision by professionals are common concerns in this regard. We have extensive professional experience in assessing such disputes and providing expert opinion on roles and responsibilities.

Boundary disputes

 Boundary disputes are a common aspect of owning property in Ireland. Disputes between neighbours over boundaries are ubiquitous. Assessment of a boundary is nuanced and takes in many factors, not just the “line on the map”. Purchasers can often unknowingly inherit a boundary dispute when they purchase land. We have specialist engineering knowledge in mapping and land surveying  to comprehensively and accurately advise on boundary issues.

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